Some tips on how to get up early every day?

Getting up early is good for your health. But what counts is respecting your need for sleep and your biological clock. If you can no longer sleep at dawn, you have to get up, but there is no need to force yourself to sleep in bed. It's not a good idea to set your alarm clock early and then have a sleep debt. Discover some tips on how to wake up easily in this article.

Set your early alarm the night before

Having the ability to get up early in the morning is prepared the night before by scheduling your new morning activities. Indeed, people who have made a habit of waking up very early always start by doing what they are most passionate about. If you love sports, you can give yourself a few minutes of yoga or jogging. For more information, continue reading. In addition, the evening preparations are completed at bedtime with a brief visualisation of the next day's alarm clock. Lying with your eyes closed, you will feel all the details of your morning looking forward to a good time soon. A form of self-hypnosis that conditions your brain. This method is effective as long as you are not in a state of excitement or nervousness that would interfere with falling asleep.

Don't wake up suddenly

. First of all, it's better to wake up gently than to have an abrupt alarm, which is very often the first stressful element of the day. When the bell rings, you get up suddenly, more abruptly than if you woke up naturally. Then it's much better to take the time to stretch when you wake up. This allows you to get the blood flowing again throughout your body. Your body temperature is usually lower when you sleep. Moving around gently will help to raise it and encourage wakefulness. Finally, you should sit on the edge of the bed and take a glass of water to rehydrate yourself. You can then open the window and take several deep breaths. It is also advisable not to sleep again, even for 10 minutes.