How long does CBD stay in our system?


With the effectiveness of CBD being made legal in many countries today, many people are using it. Cannabidiol can be easily consumed and provides many benefits to our body. The time that CBD does in our body actually depends on certain factors. To know more about it, you can read this article.

How does the body process CBD

CBD can be taken in various ways depending on your choice or the ailment you want to treat. So it is according to how the CBD is ingested that the body processes it. You can go to this recommended site for more information. Indeed, CBD oils are the most used by people. So when the patient swallows the oil, it does not pass through the digestive tract and can mix with the blood after 45 min. You can already feel the effects of CBD. When it is taken orally on all known forms (capsules, cookies, drinks...), it passes through the digestive system and through the liver before being sent to the blood. This takes more time and the effects are not felt. When we pass by the inhalation, the effect is fast, because the CBD enters directly in the blood through the lungs. However, for children, people of the 3rd age and people with respiratory diseases, this is not the right way.

What are the factors that affect the duration of CBD in the body?

You already know how CBD reaches the bloodstream and the fastest ways to get satisfaction. The factors that determine how long cannabidiol will last in the body are metabolism, age, weight, dose and how often the patient takes it. After use, it is stored in fat cells and can therefore be found in your system even after the effects have worn off.