Haneda Airport in central Tokyo : the best means of transportation

Do you want to travel to Japan in the next few days ?  Or do you want to get an idea about the means of transportation especially from Haneda terminal to central Tokyo ?  Be aware that there are several means of transport that can get you to central Tokyo in just a few minutes.  The detail in this article.

Tokyo Monorail

 This means of transport allows you to reach central Tokyo very quickly from Haneda Airport. To find out more, you can rely on this address.  In general, there are 3 types of monorail service in Tokyo namely the express train which allows you to reach central Tokyo with 13 minutes maximum from Haneda International Terminal.  The fast train will take you at most 15 minutes to connect the Tokyo area.  As for the Local, allows you to reach central Tokyo from then Haneda Airport Station in just 17 minutes.

 Keikyu trains

 Usually there are 5 trains that can connect you to the Tokyo area from Haneda Airport. These means of transport run between central Tokyo and the Haneda terminal.  Among other trains, we can mention :

 • Airport Limited Express

 • Limited Express (Kaitoku)

 • Local service

 • Limited Express (Tokkyu)

 • Airport express

 It should be noted that with these trains, you can make stops except Airport Limited Express which does not stop between the airport and Shinagawa station, due to its speed.


 While trains are quite advantageous due to their costs and fast speeds, buses also are a better option for traveling from Haneda Airport due to its good road connections in case trains are not available.  This is also a good solution if you don’t like crowded trains or have a lot of packages to carry.  The cost of a one-way ticket for a limousine bus is about $ 13.24, and the round trip costs about $ 25.07.