Google Affiliate Network Conference: How to participate?

The digital world has grown considerably in recent years. Conferences are being organised to raise people's awareness of this vast field. Google is not missing out either. It is organising a giant conference on the subject. But how can you participate? The answer to this question is the subject of this article.


Given the size of the conference and the reputation of those hosting it, the conference often fills up quickly and leaves many people disillusioned. This is why it is necessary to register months in advance on their various platforms in order to secure a place. To better understand the details, you could check here.


We usually think of pre-registration as registration. These are two different realities. Indeed, after the first step, which is the pre-registration, the registration starts with the validations. This is to determine the number of participants who will attend the event. Registration is accompanied by the payment of fees, which are generally very high, and the signing of documents attesting that you have already pre-registered.

Knowledge of the speakers

Given the world class nature of this conference, it is necessary for the participant to know the personalities who will be changing to lead the conference. This allows the participant to feel confident and to express their concerns. Knowing the speakers allows the participants to make business connections. This allows them to make investments and gain business.

The financial cost

While the cost of attending this conference is exorbitant, the expenses that participants incur to attend are off the charts. The hotel has to be booked and everything that goes with it. The food and transport that the participant will use are considerable. In addition to these details, there is the airfare that the participant has booked to attend this conference. It is noted that attending this conference is expensive, but those who attend gain ideas and money. They discover opportunities that boost their turnover.