Discovering Chinese Gastronomy

Gastronomy is an integral part of China's cultural treasures. For several years, China has been offering you various dishes known all over the world. This diversity makes Chinese gastronomy a worldwide appreciation. In this article, let's go to the culinary discovery of China.

A Gastronomic Story

Chinese cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines in the world. It is characterized by its richness of condiments, spices, ingredients and also by its various cooking methods. The majority of Chinese dishes date from the nineteenth (19th) century. Depending on the region where you are, you will be entitled to different taste. In Hong Kong you will have a mixture of sweet and salty, in Sichuan the most numbing and most pungent flavors, in the south of the country sour-tasting dishes while in the north exclusively salty flavors. Chinese gastronomy often shocks foreigners from the point of view of the accompaniment of certain dishes. Among other things dog meat, insects, scorpions.

Culinary specialties

When you stay in China, there are certain types of food that you must absolutely taste. Try the sautéed noodles made with a typical and original preparation of the region. They are very different from the Italian pasta that you have had to eat. Have Szechuan fondue. It is a broth made with raw ingredients and spices, all cooked well. This is the perfect dish for those who like spicy dishes. Try Won Ton, a dish made with dumplings and vegetables like spinach leaves. A Cantonese specialty cooked in deep frying, Dim Sum is widely used throughout the country. Enjoy this meal and keep waiting for more You can try this dish hot pot, is one of the greatest Chinese dishes is made up of vegetables, slice meat, mushrooms, tomatoes and spices. This food is best served hot, you can enjoy it with friends because you can cook it yourself and enjoy the hottest and delicious meal. Chinese gastronomy is recognized all over the world. It would therefore be a shame to stay in China without tasting it.