Chinese millionaire Adrian Cheng never ceases to surprise with his projects

Adrian Cheng, a descendant of one of Hong Kong's wealthiest families, calls himself a "cultural entrepreneur". He has launched major new investment funds aimed at 21st century consumers. These investments especially take into account Generation Y and Generation Z in China, according to Cheng.

Adrian Cheng's large investment structure

Cheng's largest investment structure is called C Ventures. This structure has already taken control or equity stakes in a whole network of technologically advanced brands. The companies have a wide range of profiles, such as the media company Nowness, the specialized site that creates projects and jobs for young designers Not Just a Label, or the luxury clothing rental company Armarium. The goal has been to create an interconnected network of generally Western resources, in order to specifically target what Adrian Cheng calls the BAT generation, for Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, the three behemoths of Chinese e-commerce.

Adrian Cheng's take on these investment projects

The young Chinese millionaire pointed out that young Chinese are less attracted to owning things than to accessing experiences. As a result, these projects have acquired a significant stake in Armarium. This is a site that sends top designers to customers' homes and rents clothes from brands such as Pucci, Jimmy Choo, Haider Ackermann and Roberto Cavalli. The latter company, Roberto Cavalli, is another of the Cheng family's holdings through its luxury consultancy Luxaba, which advises DSquared2 and Moschino in China.

The biggest paradox surrounding Adrian Cheng's investments

Paradoxically, Adrian Cheng, dressed head-to-toe in Herm├Ęs, has never bought clothes online. Born in Hong Kong, the businessman is a Harvard graduate and his English is impeccable. Adrian Cheng studied Japanese for a year before creating K11. It's a museum-mall concept with nine major Chinese cities.

New investment projects underway

Adrian Cheng announces significant new investments. These projects are also big projects that should not be underestimated... Just as he launched Victoria Dockside, a huge commercial project of nearly 300,000 square meters in Hong Kong, with an estimated cost of 2,500 million euros.