All you need to know about dragons

The dragon is a mythical creature, a kind of giant flying reptile that is found in fantasy stories. This article tells you everything you need to know about this animal.

Dragons are thought to have originated in Africa

The origin of dragons is difficult to trace. Their first appearance seems to date back to the earliest human civilizations. Statistical studies suggest that the earliest genetic evidence of dragons comes from Africa. However, the oldest representations of dragons come from the Neolithic period in the Mongolian region. Furthermore, dragons are reference to guardian creatures of watering holes. They had the appearance of a snake with horns and could fly with their wings.

Dragons in Chinese culture

For the Chinese dragons are a symbol of luck, power and nobility of the soul. Chinese feudal society associated dragons with sovereignty. Moreover, this mythical animal was only embroidered on the clothes of the emperor and his family. Ordinary members of society were not allowed to wear this symbol. On the other hand, the dragon is one of the twelve animals of Chinese astrology. Indeed, people born under this sign are said to be beautiful, powerful and always ready to dazzle others. However, they would be very full of themselves and would not tolerate contradiction. In addition, there is the dragon dance which is performed during the Chinese New Year celebration. This dance consists of a dragon made of bamboo and a shimmering cloth moving with the movements of the dancers.

Dragons in Greek mythology

Among the Greeks dragons are often associated with monsters that heroes must defeat in their adventures. Most of the time they are described as giant fire-breathing creatures with many heads. These creatures in mythology are usually guardians of treasure.