All about Tikee 3 Pro, the new timelapse enlapse camera

The Tikee 3 Pro is the professional version of ENLAPS’ latest timelapse camera. Specialized in the field of professional timelapses, ENLAPS has accustomed us to high quality products, especially with the Tikee Pro 2 Plus which has been a real success. A true rising star in the sector, the brand has established itself as a must. Discover in this article, the key information on the Tikee 3 pro.

Presentation of the Tikee 3 Pro

The Tikee 3 Pro will allow you to take timelapses or 6K photos and is distinguished by its remote control. The latter is autonomous and once configured for a certain period of time, you will no longer have to think about it, it will take the planned shots. For more information, see my latest blog post. The Tikee 3 Pro has a shooting angle of 220° (90° vertically). Camera highlights, with the help of its built-in solar panel, along with the help of its built-in 24,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, you’ll be able to capture season-long time-lapses that reflect the evolution of the environment.

The Tikee 3 is a fairly light camera of 1.60 kg and in a very particular format. The latter is flat, and incorporates two optics, for panoramic shots. Each of them also has a resolution of 16 MP (4608 X 3456 per camera and ½.3 inch sensors). We can also note that the camera has a very good resistance to water and dust (IP 66 index). Indeed, it will be possible to correctly capture your surroundings even in difficult weather conditions.

Appearance, connectors and accessories of the Tikee 3 Pro

The Tikee 3 is a camera with a particular appearance. Indeed, the latter is distinguished by its flat shape, as well as by the insertion of its two glasses. Mainly white, the Tikee 3 Pro sports the gray ENLAPS logo applied to its front face. Multiple physical ports and slots allow the camera to connect to various devices. The camera incorporates a microSD storage port that can support up to 512 GB.

In addition, the wireless connectivity is advanced. The Tikee 3 is an easily configurable camera thanks to wireless connections. The camera can connect to 4G/LTE and standard Wi-Fi connectivity. It is compatible with Android and iOS systems. On the accessories side, a stainless steel fixing arm makes it possible to fix the box at any point of height, or not (using an Enlaps camera fixing kit, it will even be possible to fix the arms to the concrete) . You can also transport your Tikee 3 Pro camera in complete safety thanks to an IP 67 carrying case for Tikee ENLAPS cameras.